Thursday, March 6, 2014

Humiliation Phone Sex Brat

I knew when I walked in my bedroom I would find you parading around in a favorite pair of my soft pretty panties. You are addicted to them. But what you are addicted too even more is humiliation phone sex. You  walked up to me saying "Sophie please punish me for going on your bedroom and getting out your favorite panties. I couldn't help myself" I looked at him and said "Oh please not only are these my favorite ones but they are dirty! Have you been going through my hamper stroking your little dick with them again?" His face turned red and said "Yes baby I have been and I'm very sorry. But you do go around being a lil brat in those cute clothes you wear. And why is it that you always lift up your skirt and flash your undies at me? And when I see you in nothing but your bra and panties it just drives me insane!" He said "I know where my place is. But sometimes I forget and I need to be reminded." And then he got down on his knees." I looked down at him giggled saying "Yes that's where you belong on your knees at my feet. Now spread that fucking boi pussy of yours because I just so happen to have my favorite strap on right here and I'm about to pound your slutty ass good!" He started to moan out and beg me to touch his tiny prick. Which I call a clitty because it's too tiny to do anything with. I looked at him and said "Not so fast I'll tell you when you can touch it!" 

I grabbed a bowl and placed it under his pathetic little pecker and started to run my strap on up and down his fuck hole. And by now I was really ready to turn up the humiliation phone sex. He started begging me like a little bitch to pump his fuck hole. I took my soft hands and grabbed his hips and started to pull him back on my strappy. Sliding it in deeper and deeper and moving my hips from side to side. Then I said "I know you wont be able to last long so you can start stroking that little dick." He said "What is this bowl for Sophie?" I said "That is the bowl you are going to use to shoot your cum in. And after you do that you are going to slurp up every single drop of it." He moaned out and said "I get to be your cum dumpster today?" I said "Yes you do slut!" I started to fuck him faster as I grinded into him. I teased his worthless 2 inch prick and he pushed back and took it like a slut in heat. I started to hit that g spot calling him humiliating names. I even took a pair of dirty panties out of my dirty clothes hamper and made him put them on his head. He looked back at me and said "Oh no Sophie I feel so silly with these on my head. Do I have to wear them like this?" I said "Yes! you do have to wear them if you want to cum. And if you don't then i'm going to lock  your useless prick up in a chastity and you wont be allowed to touch, stroke or make your itty bitty dick feel good at all!"

He said "Oh yes I'll do whatever you want you bratty little princess! Just please make me your bitch!" And you can bet that's exactly what I did. He said "I can't hold it any longer I'm sorry I really am trying!" I said "You are so pathetic!" And then I started to giggle saying "Beg me to cum!" He started to pant and said "Oh please please PLEASE princess may I be allowed to cum just for you? You know you are my favorite girl to call for humiliation phone sex and so much more!" And right at that point is when i said "Okay get that bowl and get that load in it and then drink it down!" He is such an obedient bitch and always does what I say. If he doesn't he knows I'll tell everyone that he is a panty wearing slut perv! OMG I just love having so much fun with him! 

Thank you for letting me be your favorite girl to play with! I can't wait for you to be my dirty cum drinking slut again!

Do you like humiliation as much as he does? Are you looking for the perfect bratty lil princess to control you today? I'm all yours and ready to make you drop to your knees and give into me...



Monday, October 21, 2013

Taboo Phone Sex Tease

Hmmm I just love the warm fall weather like right now. It's the perfect time to be your favorite taboo phone sex tease and flirting with you. I just love pressing all of your buttons. I love driving you crazy and making your cock rock hard for me.  Sometimes I reveal my petite lil body to you, walking around just barely dressed. You look at me saying "Sophie! You need to put more clothes on baby girl! You can't be going around teasing me while mom is gone in those bikini panties and top!" But the truth is your mind gets flooded with pervie thoughts of me. Especially when you see me out by my pool on those warm fall nights. I love inviting my BFF's over because every time we have our pool party, I always see your shadow in the blinds spying on us. If mommy ever knew you secretly stroked your dick off knowing how forbidden it is she would be so pissed! I guess it's not such a secret after all since your favorite lil taboo phone sex tease knows all about it!

And besides how could I not know you were spying on me? You kept the window open and me and my girl friends heard you moaning out like a pervie in heat! Why did you think I started to  touch myself like I did because I had a feeling you were behind your blinds whacking off your dick. I know that's a bratty thing to do but you love it! But now that your secret is out you're really going to have to worry about what i'm going to do to punish you. I bet your prick is hard now wondering what kind of humiliating, degrading, dirty chore you will do to make this taboo phone sex princess happy. I walk into your room and find you there with a pair of my pretty panties wrapped around your dick and another pair in your face sniffing them. I cant deny that I love the thought of you stroking your dick as it gets harder by the second but I can't very well let you get away with no punishment! Today you will be the centerpiece of my slumber party pervie daddy. You want to jerk that dick off to your daughter who loves making you degrade yourself like the pathetic stroker daddy you are.

Me and my girl friends all made a circle around him. As I said "Drop your pants loser and show all the girls your tiny little baby dick!" You didn't see that coming did you! It got so hard seeing me and my gf's there giggling like that. I'm the kinda girl who loves age play too. So sometimes my younger sister has friends over too! I just know he wanted to run to the closest exit but my girl friends closed them off and said they would not let him go until he exposed his tiny little worm. I know deep down inside he loved it as he said "I refuse to lower my pants!" I said "Ohhhh really? Well i'm going to just have to call my mom and tell her that you have been stroking off with my panties and flirting with me. I pulled out my cell phone and started to call  her. Hearing the phone ring as he said "No please I admit it! I'm a pervy daddy and I love taboo phone sex! My dick is little and I love being humiliated by you! But please don't tell her i'll drop my pants now and show all of your girl friends!" 

As he undid his button and belt and dropped his pants looking around as he exposed his tiny little 3 inch worm I stood up there and said "Now everyone look at this pathetic fucking itty bitty tick tack prick!" As he stood there I said "It's so tiny you need a spot light and magnifing glass to see it?" I walked over and said "It's a good thing mommy is coming back home soon or I would make you do some very kinky things." I can blackmail daddy into sucking, licking and sniffing my lil girl panties. He just loves it when I lower my teen pussy and perfect little ass over his face and feed my golden rain to him. I do it right throught my panties sometimes and he begs like a fucking bitch to suck them clean. I walked over and said "omfg it really is useless and pueny." As he stood there rubbing it like the clitty it was begging me if he could cum. I said "Not yet! Put that little thing away!" I took my bikink bottoms off and handed them to him giggling. I said "Put these on and cum in them stroker pervy! After you cum then lick my panties clean!" He hesitated for a moment and then I said "if you don't i'm calling mommy right now and I won't allow you to cum!" He said okay okay! I can't believe how humiliating this is! But I love my favorite taboo phone sex baby girl and I would do anything for you Sophie!" I stood there smiling and said I said "Go head stroker daddy! cum in my panties!" His prick was rock hard. He played with it and came so fucking hard for me...

what a awesome night that was teasing daddy and making him do degrading humiliating things for me.... Are you a naughty pervie like him too? 

Call your favorite princess at 1-888-314-6639
Ask for Sophie

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cock Stroking Phone Sex

I am your younger sisters best friend that just so happens to live next door to you. You smile every time you see me walk by your house. You always give me this perverted look like you are just undressing me with your eyes. And I purposely like to toy with you because I know you love cock stroking phone sex and what you are thinking deep down inside. You try to deny it but all of you pervy’s are the same. You have had these very naughty fantasies about me. In fact every time you see me flaunt my little body in front of you, you always have to run off and say “Oh Sophie I need to go upstairs and take care of something.” I giggle because I know what you are up there doing. I bat my pretty baby blue’s thinking “This pervert is going to go up there and start wacking his cock off to me!”

I know how bad you want this princess to control you. Your dick throbs just at the thought of it. You stroke it thinking about the way I will take over your throbbing hard cock and have you doing things you never dreamed of before. I see the way you look at my sexy little legs when I’m wearing my little mini skirts. I see the way you drool when I have on those super tight fitting tops that show off my perky 34 A’s. But what you really want to know is what’s under that. You want to know what kind of pretty panties I’m wearing. And what kind of matching bra do I have to go with it? Or maybe I am not wearing a bra at all! I smile at you like the cock stroking phone sex cutie pie that I am and slowly inch it up a little at a time. An intense look comes across your face as the bulge in  your pants is about ready to bust out.

I just love coming over your house when your sister is not there so I can make your dick so hard it drips pre cum. I love coming from the mall dressed in something that I know will get your attention just so I can make the moves on you and ask you questions like “How do you like my cute little skirt? Is it too short?” Then I giggle as I say “If I were to bend over could you see under my skirt?” Knowing you can but you try to not let your pervyness come out. Then I'll say something like "What about this little top? Do you think it's too tight? I mean I know it's low cut and it just clings to my breasts but what if I was to bend down into you? Would you be able to look down my top and get a glimpse of my firm tits?" By now your dick is ready to have my pretty and very soft hands wrap around it to stroke. But not just yet. I turn up the heat even more and lean down into you and give you just enough of a view down my little top to make you want to just rip it off. But you wont because you want to TRY to contain yourself.

So I sit down right next to you and cross my legs knowing that my skirt is going to rise up. Don’t think I can’t see your eyes trying to get a glimpse of my pretty little panties either. I know you want to touch my little legs. You want to feel how soft they are. You want to make your way under my skirt and feel how moist my little panties are. So I look at you and say “This couch is not comfy!” And then like the bratty princess that I am giving you the best cock stroking phone sex experience hat you have ever had  I get up and sit right down on  your lap. I start moving my tiny apple bottom ass in circles feeling how hard your dick is. I look into your eyes and say “Ohhhh you really like how I’m dressed don’t you? I mean you try to make off like you are not fazed by it but your cock is pressing in against my little bum!” You clear your throat not sure what to say. I lean into you and whisper “I know you have watched me a lot of times before.

When your sister has sleep overs and we are all dancing around in our pj’s and I’ve seen you peek in the guest room when I’m walking around in nothing but my panties and cami! I have heard you moan out like a fucking pervert in heat!” I started moving and grinding nice and slow as I placed my little hand on his thigh just running it up and down. Then I leaned into him brushing my painted glossy lips across his ear and said “What would you do just to be able to see my pretty little panties and bra? I bet you would take your big fat dick out and jerk it right in front of me wouldn’t you?” But a princess like me always wants more. I smiled and said “Look at me just look at me!” Look at these little itty bitty breasts of mine! And look at how hard my nipples are! I know you want to touch them pervert!” I started rocking in his lap and slowly stood up right in front of him. I looked down and said “Don’t fucking stop looking at me! You are speechless aren’t you! Now take that hard cock out and stroke it! You know you want to stroke it because you love cock stroking phone sex.” He didn’t know what to do. He sat there as I gave a stern look and I said “Do it right now!!” He said “Oh god yes I’ll do it!” Down came his fucking pants and shorts and out sprung his big fucking dick.

I teased him sensually moving my little hands across my thighs. My hands were everywhere. He started stroking it as I said “Now admit that you are a fucking cock stroking phone sex pervert! Say it!” Then I started to slowly inch my skirt up. I gave him just a glimpse of my pretty little panties. He said “Yes YES! I’m a pervert! Everything you said is true about me!” I leaned into him and said “Stand up! Because I know you want to feel my pretty and very soft princess hands stroke your dick!” He jumped up as I toyed with it. I teased it and ran my fingers across it. I could feel it throbbing. I looked and said “I’m one of the biggest fucking cock teases out there. I will control you and own every last drop of your cum! You will belong to me pervy! And you will fucking shout that out too wont you!” I started squeezing his dick and pumping it faster. Then I removed my hand and he said “Yes I do!” I bet if I wanted I could have gotten him to eat his own cum for me. But knowing that I wasn’t going to let him fuck me was pleasure enough. Just driving him insane is all that I wanted for now. I eased up my skirt and my top and exposed my perky tits and panties to him. I smiled and said “Now jack that dick to this! And you better fucking cum hard right now! Then I eased my panties to the side and said “if that doesn’t work look at this pretty bald teen pussy! Shoot your fucking pervert load to this fucker! He jacked that big dick and shot a load all over the place!

MMMM I just love it when you call me for cock stroking phone sex so I can be a brat to you. I also love being one for all you perverts out there!

I just know you are ready to give into this little princess right now. So go ahead and do it so I can hear your sexy moans while I tease you and give you the best mind fucking experience ever!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Panty Boy Phone Sex

I had just came in from getting a suntan and taking a swim in the pool. And who would have known I would have caught the panty boy phone sex lover in my bedroom! I walked in and caught you stroking with my panties. I looked at you and said "Michael what are you doing in my dirty clothes hamper sniffing my undies!" You looked at me and jumped and said "Oh, oh Sophie I was looking for the bathroom and got lost." I said "You were looking for the bathroom in my bedroom?" I said "Did you think you would find it in my dirty clothes hamper?" You looked at me and replied back "No, no I didn't but you know I just could not help myself. I always see you when i'm next door in my house and you are always out at the pool dressed in those sexy little bikini's. And the way you taunt and tease me because you know that i'm looking at you I just had to come and go through your panty drawer." I said back to you "Do you know what I do to guy's that I catch doing that?! I expose them and publicly let their dirty secrets out!" You said "No please do not tell my wife she is downstairs. I'll do anything as long as you don't tell her what I was up here doing. I will wash your car, i'll clean your house i'll do anything for you."

I stood there as I looked and said "I don't need you to wash my fucking car or clean my house! I should go down there and tell your wife right now! And come to think of it I should call all my girl friends outside and show them what you are wearing under your pants!" Then you said "Sophie that's just so humiliating and degrading! I can't have my secret coming out like that!" I got a bratty expression on my face and said "That may be true but why is your dick getting hard in your pants right now you panty boy phone sex stroker! You looked at me blushing and said "But you are just so hot and you know how bad I want you Sophie oh please. And something else also, i'd do anything if you would just let me fuck you please." He was a very sexy looking guy and had a very hot body and I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he had a decent sized dick. So I stood there just thinking for a moment of what it is that he could do for me so I wouldn't 1- tell his wife and 2- let him fuck me. I looked at him and said "I know what i'm going to do to you for catching you snooping through my panty drawer and stroking your cock with my panties.

I stood barely dressed and he couldn't peel his eyes away from my hot little two piece. He actually thought I was going to fuck him with my tiny dripping wet princess pussy right then and there! He walked up to me quickly as I said "Not so fast Michael." I slid my undies down and put them on top of his head with the crotch directly on his nose and brought out my Droid phone and snapped a picture of him. He looked pretty ridiculous and silly and I couldn't help but laugh so loud that all my girl friends came to my window. This panty wearing slut had no idea they were all there standing there snapping shots of him in my undies pointing their finger at him and giggling. When he finally noticed he said "Oh Sophie no no please don't tell all your teen bff's that I am a panty boy phone sex luven stroking pervy!" I said "I'm not going to tell them YOU ARE!" If not I'm going to call your wife to come over right now!"  I had my phone in my hand ready to dial as he stood there and said "hey girls princess Sophie said I have to tell you about my dirty secret." All the while the tent in his pants was getting harder. He looked at me so turned on by being humiliated and exposed like that and said "I think I should just show them instead princess." I smiled and said "Do it then right now! But when you do I want you stroking in them and saying "I'm a panty wearing pervy for Sophie!" He said "Omg do I really have too? I said if you don't i'm going to turn the heat up even more and tell you to eat your own fucking cum now say it now!" He stood there and followed my command as all of my gf's and I started to giggle at him. Then I looked over at them and said "Come inside and show him a surprise!" They all ran in as he stood there exposed stroking his dick and they raised up their skirts exposing off all those undies saying "Mr. Michael the pervy perv loves teen girls and pretty panties!!!" We all laffed and laffed so hard and the sound of our giggles made him start begging me to cum! He started whacking it faster and faster as we teased and flirted him to the edge of blowing his load. And still his face covered inhaling and sniffing my dirty creamy undies.

He had his bulging hard on with my little panties wrapped around it. He looked at me and said "Sophie can I please fuck your princess pussy now?" I looked down at him and said "Not this time panty boy phone sex lover. I don't feel like you've done enough to earn these tight teen pussy lips around your dick. Maybe next time. I stood directly over him with a fresh pair of panties rubbing against my bald twat lips smiling at him and said "Go ahead and blow for your princess right now. I know you want too... I slide my pretty lil hands up and down my satin undies and he came so hard his whole chest was dripping looking just like a cum slut.....It wont be long before my panty loving stroke of subbie will be calling again. Who knows if he proves to be worthy I may just allow him to have my fuckable kitty lips...

Princess Sophie

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blackmail Phone Sex

He was away for the day and I decided to go snooping in his drawer. When I was in here I found this secret diary and got very curious so I decided to start snooping to see what I could find in there. I decided to get comfy and lay back on his favorite couch. As I started reading I saw these secrets about how he went in my bedroom and snooped through my dirty panties. "What a pervie!" I blurted out loudly. He would put them on and rub his cock through them thinking about the fresh scent of my pussy as he started to stroke harder and harder. I just knew at this point he was going to be perfect for Blackmail Phone Sex. He confessed to having this fantasy of wanting me to fuck him with my strap on and make him my fucking bitch. He also confessed of how the thought of that made him cum in my panties. Then he went on to say how he would let his cum dry up and then secretly put them back in my drawer. All I could think about was "What would my mom think if she found out how much of a dirty stroking pervy he is!"  He told me that he had seen me wearing the panties that he used to stroke off with and wondered if I had any idea of what he did. I could not believe my eyes as I said to myself "I'm going to teach this pervy a lesson for going in my dirty panties." As I put his diary back in his drawer. When he got home later on that day I was wearing one of his favorite outfits he likes to see me in so much. As I teased him and seduced him like I always do. Seeing his cock get rock hard in his pants. As I went to lift up my skirt I noticed the look on his face. As I said "these are your favorite panties aren't they?" As he said "Oh yes Sophie they are." I walked closer to him taking his hand to lead him back into his room I said "Do you have anything you want to tell me ?" I went over to his drawer and started to run my hand across it. He cleared his throat as he said "Something to tell you baby? No I don't have anything to tell you." As I went to my bedroom and came back with my strap on and put it on I said "Okay if that's the way you are going to play it then get down on your knees right now." I could see the bulge get even harder in his pants when he looked up my little skirt.

I said "I"m going to make you my bitch right now! His eyes got big as he said "No Sophie I'm not going to do that! I said "if you don't i'm going to expose you to mommy and let all your dirty fucking secrets out of that diary you have in your secret drawer!" I had the upper hand. And he knew I did and this Blackmail Phone Sex princess was going to get what I want. As he stood there whimpering like a scared, exposed pervy I took my hand and shoved him down on his knees. He looked up at me he could see directly under my skirt. I took my hand and ran it up and down my pussy lips teasing him and said "If you deny me one more time not only will I expose you to mommy but I won't ever leave my dirty panties out for you to jack your dick off with and I won't let you cum you dirty creeper! He said "Oh please can I see your pussy baby?" I said "No i'm not going to let you see it. If you want to see it you have to take my strap on in your tight little ass." Then he said "If I do that will you let me touch it and taste it please?" I said "maybe but not only do you have to take my strappy in your slutty ass you have to also take it in your mouth, confess to me what you have done. and shoot your cum all over your desk and lick it up like a cum whore!" He looked up at me as he said "Okay make me your bitch Sophie." As he opened up his mouth and began to slide it around my strap on. Hearing him as he started to suck and slurp on it like a hungry whore his mouth raised up and down. As I looked down at him taking my finger and ran it across my pussy lips again. Saying "Suck it perv." He started to take it in deeper and deeper. Hearing me say "MMMM I love the way you suck my strap on." as he moaned out and started to lick on it up and down. Making his way back up to the tip as I said "Now suck on it faster slut!" As his head started to bob up and down. Hearing it hit the back of his throat as I said "Is that tight ass ready to be bent over and get stretched out now?" He said "Oh yes I need you to make me your slut so bad." I grabbed my cell phone and snapped him being a strap on sucking slut and said "First i'm keeping these for insurance. I need to make sure your bitch ass never steps out of line with me. Snap after snap made his dick get even harder. I just love being his bratty blackmail phone sex princess.

Then I said "Now get up and bend over an spread those cheeks for your favorite girl." I took the tip of the head and started to push it in his tight hole. Grabbing his hips as I started to thrust it in and out of his hole. Taking my soft firm hands as I started to smack his ass saying "Now what do you want to tell me?" He looked back at me saying "I'm not sure Sophie." I said "Is that how you want to play it?" I took my hands and smacked his ass harder saying "Tell me the truth!" What did you think of and why did you have that look on your face when you saw me in these panties?" He said "I don't know." I started to fuck his hot hole even harder and deeper. Hearing him moan out as I began hitting that g spot. Taking my hand as I reached around in front of him and began stroking his cock.  I said "You like the way your girl if making you her bitch and fucking that hole aren't you?" I started to slowly slide my strap on out of him saying "But guess what i'm not going to let you cum unless you confess to me what you did!" As he said "Oh please no don't stop fucking me. Please let me cum." As I was almost out of his ass by now. I said "Then tell me what's in that drawer and what kind of secret do you have to tell me. I unwrapped my hand from his cock. Seeing him look back at me as he said "Okay Sophie I went into your bedroom while you were away and picked out a favorite pair of panties and I put them on and came in them." And I said "What else pervy!" He said "well I put them back in your drawer when they dried up hoping you wouldn't know what I did." I said "Well I do know!" As he started apologizing and begging me to fuck his tight hole because he was ready to cum. I said beg me like a good bitch." He stood there begging and pleading. Even dropping to his knees. I just giggled as I looked down at him saying "Stay on your knees like that as I pushed him on all fours and slid my strap on back in his ass and fucked him so deep and fast hitting his g spot until he begged me like the blackmail phone sex loving pervy whore that he is. But before I allowed him to cum I got up and bent my perfect little apple bottom ass right in his face and said "Shoot your jizz here and lick it all up!" He said but baby that's your asshole!" I said "do it now or i'm calling mommy and exposing everything to her and showing her the pics I secretly took of you while i had you bent over fucking you like my bitch!" His dick was so throbbing by now that he jumped up off the floor and aimed his dick right on my princess ass and painted it all up pretty. I looked back at him grabbing the back of his head and said "Lick it now slut and dont waste any!" He licked and sucked just like a dirty cream pie licking whore. HMMM and that gives me more ideas the next time he calls his favorite princess again...  As he began to lick his hands off of all that cum I turned around smiling and flashed him my pretty bald pink pussy....He just loves when I'm a brat for him! What a naughty pervy he is.....
Do you have any confessions to tell your favorite princess today?
I can't wait to hear all about them 


Friday, July 5, 2013

Pole Smoking Sissy Phone Sex Slut

Hi everyone! I just have to share a story with you about one of my most favorite sissies that goes by the name of Michelle. Now this isn't just any ordinary sissy that likes to get dressed up like a girl and wear the shiny lip gloss that's made for one thing. When she calls me for sissy phone sex she's dressed up like a cheerleader ready to drop to her knees and suck on a big fat pole for me. But not just any kind of pole. Michelle loves Loves LOVES big black dick! I just love being dressed in my sexy little cheerleader outfit with my skirt lifted up exposing my soft satiny panties. Michelle gets so weak for them. Sometimes when she's an obedient sissy girl I will reward her and slide them off and wave them in front of her face knowing how badly she wants to put them on and do a naughty cheer just for her princess. Sissy Michelle said "Oh princess Sophie I made up a cheer can I please sing and dance for you?" I giggled in my bratty voice and said "Yes do it for me now!" She got her pom pom's and out came:

Ready, Ok!
I'm a sissy, know my role: on my knees, smoking pole!

When Sophie sees my tiny dick
She laughs & hands me her lipstick!
She tells me to paint them bright red
And then get ready to give head!

Then she brings home a black jock
And orders me to suck his cock!
I don't stop till my mouth is full
With thick hot jizz from her black bull!

Smoke the pole, smoke the pole, gobble that knob! Give the real man his blow job! Suck the cock, suck the cock, swallow that cream: be a sissy blow job queen! Yay Sissy Michelle, Sophie's pole smoker....

And after I laughed and laughed knowing sissy Michelle's tiny dick was getting rock hard. And for being such a good slutty cheerleader out came one of my favorite studs with his big fucking huge and very hard 10 inch black dick for my favorite horny pole smoker to suck on. But he wasn't any ordinary stud this tall dark chocolate guy is the head player for the football team! So there's sissy on her knees as I say the words that I know will make her wanna cream her lil panties. "Sissy Michelle is a  N****r pole smoking slut!" And she starts moaning and moaning like a slut in heat and begs to rub that clitty and to get her face shot up with N****r jizz. But I love to tease and be a super flirt and flash my pretty panties and tiny tits to Michelle because that drives her even more to the edge of making that tiny itty bitty dick to cumming. But only until this princess is satisfied that she's sucked enough big black dicks will I allow her to cream her panties. She makes the perfect whore for sissy phone sex and to pimp out, use to suck on huge black dicks, take to glory hole clubs and suck off the whole fucking college foot ball team which happens to all be BBC's!

I bet you are sitting at your desk right now Sissy Michelle. Rubbing that tiny tic tack dick thinking about the last time you served me. I bet you're thinking about how much I love being the ultimate prick tease to you. I can't wait to get you dressed in one of my favorite cheerleading outfits with my pretty and very soft panties and pom pom's so I can take you to the frat house and introduce you to all my fraternity brothers. I just know all those huge fucking horny black studs are going to order you on your knees to suck on their huge black poles. But like a good little sissy girl who knows their place will only take orders from me to drop and suck those enormous black dicks. And I envision the thought of you bobbing your head up and down like bobbing for black apples on a race to suck and drink down as much as cum as you can! So stop rubbing that tiny useless prick in your undies and get those shiny and slutty lips ready and call your princess for the best sissy phone sex around!

And as for all you other pretty sissy girls out there who love getting feminized and pimped out, don't pass this princess by because I'll make that tiny worthless prick so hard you will be on the phone so fast begging to serve me....

Princess Sophie